From V1, White Whale's mission to empower retail users and redistribute market influence from centralized entities to retail communities has not changed. The high barriers to entry in market-making, arbitrage, and liquidation keep retail from participating and profiting from these essential finance activities. White Whale's goal is to lower these barriers by providing the relevant infrastructure to allow everyone to participate in arbitrage, liquidations, and market making.

White Whale (WW) V2 is an interchain arbitrage infrastructure protocol. WW creates a unifying hub for a token's liquidity and then sub-divides this token's liquidity in LPs across all the cosmos chains, distributing liquidity where it is most needed. With hundreds of future blockchains coming to the cosmos ecosystem, liquidity will be severely fragmented across the blockchains with shallow LPs. WW's architecture combats this by creating: greater capital efficiency for the token liquidity because token liquidity is a coordinated pool of pools rather than multiple independent pools and improved inter-chain price stability because of greater coordinated liquidity.

Cosmos users benefit from stable and efficient markets that are more robust than if a few entities controlled the system. White Whale V2's infrastructure is not in competition with other DEXes; rather, is an ally to other DEXes by improving price stability between blockchains and direct bot traffic to DEXes which increases volume and liquidity. Markets stabilized and rendered more reliable by the WW protocol and infrastructure will attract more investors!

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