White Whale Docs


The following is a general overview of the smart contracts used by White Whale:
  • Pool network: a coordinated network of LPs (e.g., Atom-Luna; and Atom-Juno) for each supported token on selected chains (e.g., Terra and Juno)
  • WW Pool: each LP in the network of LPs (e.g., Atom-Luna; and Atom-Juno) is primarily accessible by bots and not users.
  • Vault Network: vaults (e.g. Atom, Luna, and Juno) store tokens needed to make flash loans.
  • Flashloan vaults: vaults of tokens selected for the Vault Network.
  • Pool Factory and Vault Factory: each manages the deployment and parameters of WW pools and vaults. Requires governance permission.
  • Fee collector: contract that collects fees for WW.
Detailed information can be found in each contract's section.